_Collective Uncommon


Building 20 was the name of the impermanent structure built by MIT to house experimental departments developing innovative technologies to aid WWII efforts. The proximal interaction and resulting collaboration between traditionally siloed disciplines resulted in profound scientific and social advancement.

Inspired by the thought of eavesdropping on lunchroom conversations between the likes of linguist Noam Chomsky and audio pioneer Amar Bose, we refer to our collective as Building 20 in reverence to calamitously successful experimentation and ecstatic modularity—the constant building and rebuilding of the temporary and the artificial—the making and unmaking of meaning in context.

As a collective, we embrace and encourage fluidity between disciplines—from musical composition to film production and editing to strategy, design, and creative direction. It is our belief that the interplay between each of our individual crafts, perspectives, and experiences results in work that makes people feel and do.

Building 20, a collective uncommon.

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